A Long Hiatus…


Long time no see aye? Its only been like 11 months or something…

Well a lot can happen in 11 months (and even before that I barely posted anything on here). The short story is; I completed a Foundation course in Art, Design & Media from September 2014 to June 2015, summer 2015 was crazy hectic – I went on holiday with my boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) and I was getting ready to move to London for university where I am currently sitting at 3:30am writing this because things have been very busy for me. So that is the short story.

There is more to it – during this whole 11 months period I did read! yay! and you can see all the books I did read on my Bookstagram account because I updated that quite frequently. I also had work in between my studies (I’m currently so broke that I can’t even afford second hand books) but what did I do with the money I did earn? You got it, buy more books because it’s not like I don’t already have over 200 books that I need to pile through! No, Dana continue buying books and 2 additional shelves because why not? You’ve got room!

No. I did not have room.

In addition, I had major anxiety and panic attacks throughout the whole year – I narrowed it down to stress and frustration because I worked immensely hard to get a level 4 distinction in Art, Design & Media – to which I got to graduate at 18! (this is very uncommon here in England – unless you complete a course that allows you to achieve a grade that is equivalent to the first year of a university degree) therefore no reading was done – unless it was research. From this research I found my love for graphic novels and they’re just so fun. My depression also came back at full force – I have no idea why, but lets just say it was the worst thing that’s ever happened. I did nothing for about 2/3 months, unless it was coursework; and that was literally the only thing that kept me going. I also had to attend live events; like stage managing a fashion show???? Which was crazy fun and it made me realise that I didn’t want to purse that career path at all, so I went with something more chilled like post production – video editing, colour grading, motion graphics; all that jazz. I’m currently studying this at university in North Greenwich, London and I’ve had so much fun for the past 3 months. I’ve learnt so much already and I’ve created work that I’m actually quite proud of – which a couple of months ago I would have never said since my mental ‘difficulties’ don’t allow me to appreciate anything.

In the summer I did read a couple of books, but I was busy again – I had work and I was trying to save up for my upcoming holiday because I didn’t before because who spent more money on books? yah.

I also went on holiday back home to Romania and I think that was the worst holiday I’ve been on, ever. I was with my (ex now) boyfriend at the time and we stayed with his family and, honestly it was just a mess – it was the first time I met his family and they (mostly his mother) didn’t like me, which made my anxiety worse and some depressing thoughts return slightly. She didn’t like me because I didn’t believe in the whole ‘family legacy’ thing they had in their family, and I believed that my boyfriend should be able to work wherever he wanted and not follow whatever career path she wanted him to. So I was okay with her disliking me. I also realised a couple of things during the 3 weeks we were there, but all in all it was fun because I saw my crazy family again but that’s about it.

Back in England, all I did for the rest of the summer was try to get better and uni shopping; which was literally so much fun. It took my mind off things and the whole retail therapy really does work.

In September I moved to London and I could not wait to get out of Norwich, I started hating it in the last couple of days. I don’t know why, it just became this thing that reminded me of my ‘struggles’ and since then I only visited twice – I’m only 2 hours away so it’s not that difficult for me to visit. I’m just messed up. Since moving here, I haven’t been active online, as in bookstagram active at all because I was trying to settle in, and make friends and just explore London (which we did but never during the day.)

So I guess this is a lot to read. There’s a lot more but I just don’t feel comfortable sharing.

Honestly I feel like this whole blog post is me complaining hah, but I had a very complicated year, however I feel like even though all these events happened, I feel like I’ve learnt so much, I’ve grown and matured more, and I am hoping that 2016 is going to be different (and better – mentally).

I’m trying to stick to 1 review a week and if there are tags or anything book related that I feel like posting I shall write it again at 3:30am because my sleeping pattern is completely messed up since I moved here.




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